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Custom designs.
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The Short Version:

Nine and Twenty is a line of unique and practical handmade fixtures and accessories, most of which are made from plumbing parts. All fixtures are designed and crafted by a regular guy from Pittsburgh, who likes to work with his hands, and make interesting things out of salvaged parts and random hardware store finds.

Call it creative reuse, up-cycling, or re-purposing, Nine & Twenty offers unique, handmade hardware and fixtures for the home.


Have a question about the best way to hang my fixtures from your wall? Check the FAQ page, I'll get around to writing it as soon as there are questions that people ask frequently. Got an idea for a fixture or product you don't see here? Drop me a line, and let's talk about it. Want custom made handles for your whole kitchen? Ask me about good deals on large orders.

If you're interested in some of the other non-copper projects I've worked on, check out my Other Endeavors page.

And if you're wondering, 29 is the atomic number for copper. Clever, right?


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